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  • Post Boss Pulls Post Story Responding to Post Editorial on Cowbells
  • Good morning sweet readers! So Prince George’s County is a safer investment than the U.S. government? News time:

    King’s Mission: LL’s not sure what happened to put Councilmember Michael A. Brown squarely in Post columnist Colby King‘s crosshairs, but whatever the reason, King continued his beatdown of Brown in Saturday’s paper. King begins by bringing up Brown’s 1997 conviction for campaign finance fraud, dings Brown for “surreptitiously” pushing online gambling into law, reminds everyone that Brown wasn’t really such a great basketball player, and then questions Brown’s consulting work for foreign governments. “When it comes to Brown’s claims: Trust, but verify,” says King. Brown says King is being a jerk and unfairly singling Brown out.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Banneker Ventures Denied; Maybe You Should Run; Watch: Mayor Gray dealing cards…

    Banneker Ventures Denied: The Examiner‘s Jonetta Rose Barras accuses the Gray administration of playing politics by denying contracts to Banneker Ventures, the development company owned by former Mayor Adrian Fenty‘s fraternity brother Omar Karim that was the center of so much controversy during the last years of the Fenty era. “On May 25 and June 1, Department of Real Estate Services Contracting Officer Diane Wooden issued Banneker Ventures letters of ‘Intent to Award’ two contracts totaling $630,000, according to documents obtained by The Washington Examiner. The company was to renovate Langdon Recreation Center and ‘build out’ space for the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. Banneker offered the lowest price in two rounds of competitive bidding that drew 19 and 18 responses respectively. DRES changed its decision. Government sources said Banneker was the victim of political payback — an allegation the Gray administration officially denied.” Not mentioned by Jonetta: that the recent Trout report recommended that Karim’s past dealings be referred to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for possible pay-to-play shenanigans.

    How Hard Could It Be?: Words of encouragement to potential council candidates from D.C. Watch’s Gary Imhoff: “This year the conditions are ripe for a wholesale turnover in city government. There should be a strong, credible, reputable candidate running against every incumbent who’s up for reelection in this election cycle. There’ll never be a better chance to run for office — every incumbent is vulnerable, and few incumbents can make a good case for why they deserve reelection.”

    In Other News:

    • DC.gov has new picture of Mayor Vince Gray. Hizzoner looks slightly less happy than previous pic.
    • Rules set for D.C. marijuana permits.
    • Chuck Thies: This town needs an emergency council session to pass ethics legislation.
    • DC Fiscal Policy Institute agrees with Gray: using reserves to delay bond tax is irresponsible.
    • MPD now investigating assault against five lesbians as possible hate crime.
    • Alert warning system in the works for MetroBus.
    • Three indicted in bust of stolen iPhone trafficking ring.
    • DeBonis revamps blog, will now cover whatever strikes his fancy.
    • If you ever wanted to watch a video of Mayor Gray dealing cards, your wish has been fulfilled.

    Gray sked: Ribbon Cutting at Watkins Recreation Center, 10 a.m.; News conference for 50th anniversary of D.C. Sidewalk Cafes at 11 a.m. in front of The Chesapeake Room; Cabinet meeting at 3 p.m.

    Council sked: Recess.