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Good afternoon sweet readers! If loving cheese is wrong, then LL doesn’t want to be right. News time:

I’m Loyal to K-Mart, Myself: LDP wins the morning with FOIA documents that show Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr.‘s staff trying to squeeze Wal-Mart out of some coin to help the councilmember give away Easter eggs through his nonprofit Team Thomas. “This event will allow Wal-Mart to establish brand loyalty and familiarity in the absence but also the eve of a relationship within the City,” wrote one of Thomas’ staff members.

AFTER THE JUMP: Cathy Lanier, Bulletproof; Sulaimon Wins; Don’t Close the Post Offices…

Cathy Lanier’s Boat Should Be Called Bulletproof: What happens when you call your boss a liar in public? In the private sector you probably get fired right away. In the Metroplitan Police Department, you get a demoted a few weeks later. But that’s not at all what happened to Cmdr. Hilton Burton, who Police Chief Cathy Lanier said was demoted recently because he was doing a bad job, not because he said she was lying when she testified about Ferris Bueller’s Day Off star Charlie Sheen getting a police escort.

Sulaimon Wins!: Sulaimon Brown, who almost won the mayor’s race last year, is winning so far in his battle not to hand over his records to the D.C. Council. Yesterday, Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh sent a letter to her colleagues saying that she’s going to go ahead and wrap up the council’s report on Mayor Vince Gray‘s crummy hiring practices without Brown’s records. Cheh says the report will come out in two weeks. The report could be updated after the council takes Brown to court in September over his refusal to hand his records over.

In Other News:

Gray sked: 10 a.m. presser at site of MLK memorial; 1 p.m. crime stats announcement; 6 p.m., welcoming progressive Baptist convention.

Council sked: Recess.