In case you missed it,  Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh says she’s tired of waiting for former mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown to cough up some bank and phone records and is going to publish a draft report on Mayor Vince Gray‘s hiring practices (prediction on report’s conclusion: they could have used some work) later this month.

Here is Cheh’s investigation by the numbers:

  • Weeks since Cheh’s office began investigating: 20
  • Committee hearings: 5
  • Documents reviewed: 20,000
  • Cost of investigation: No one seems to know, but LL is guessing it hasn’t been cheap.
  • Witnesses who testified: 19
  • Hours of testimony: More than 25
  • Councilmembers who accused former personnel boss Judy Banks of perjury: 2
  • Witnesses who brought lawyers: 5 (LL thinks, though it could have been more)
  • Hearings Sulaimon Brown showed up to: 2
  • Hearings Sulaimon Brown testified at: 1
  • Witnesses who had been fired or asked to resign from District government: 7 (LL could be off on this one too. It’s been a long time, people!)
  • Witnesses who wore sunglasses: 1
  • Councilmembers who routinely stood up for the Gray administration at hearings: 1 (Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry)
  • Times Gray and former campaign aide Howard Brooks, key figures in this whole ordeal, have testified: 0