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  • Alexander: Bring Back Earmarks
  • Good morning sweet readers! Psst, wanna buy a Rembrandt? News time:

    Kwame Brown, Take Two?: Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown tried to reboot his battered image Sunday with a profile in the Post, though it’s hard to imagine him winning over any critics with the piece written by Tim Craig. Rather than offer up contrition for Navigatorgate, an explanation for his 2008 campaign finances that are currently under criminal investigation, or any type of serious self-reflection, Brown instead continues to blame his staff for the Navigators, won’t answer questions about his campaign, and compares himself to Muhammad Ali, and John F. Kennedy. Brown, it appears, thinks voters want to hear that he’s like a boxer who gets back up after being knocked down, or a football player who continues to keep playing after being tackled. Craig labels him an “impenetrable politician seeking acceptance, even as he struggles to move past sports metaphors to demonstrate he’s in control and can be trusted.” Of note: Brown’s father, Marshall Brown, admits to unnamed “mistakes” with Brown’s 2008 campaign and shares the advice his given his son: “The key to surviving, Marshall Brown said, is just hold steady and ride out the bad news.” Also noteworthy: the chairman also “insisted he be interviewed while his senior staff — most of whom are in their 30s — sat next to him, because he said they embodied his fast-paced leadership style.” Young, fast-paced staff? Running a triathlon? Is Brown trying a little too hard to be like former Mayor Adrian Fenty?

    AFTER THE JUMP: Riots Stink; No More Tower of Power; Teflon Bean Counter…

    Not Fun: Former Mayor Sharon Pratt recalls the Mount Pleasant riots of 20 years ago, her memory jogged by the London riots and, presumably, a call from a Post op/ed editor: “For some, the Mount Pleasant riots served as a constructive turning point: a difficult but necessary wake-up call for city officials and residents. For me, it was a distraction — an anguished prelude to the rollout of Latino-focused policies and programs already in the works.”

    In Other News:

    • So long, Tower of Power. New H.D. Woodson High opens its doors.
    • Jonetta: CFO Nat Gandhi is a “Teflon bean counter” who “can break any law or administrative policy with impunity,” according to the AG.
    • Metro lets riders vote on Farragut “virtual tunnel” name.
    • Gray Lady notes District’s online gambling push.
    • FOP puts Police Chief Cathy Lanier in a pickle over residency requirements of police brass.
    • D.C.’s ambulance fleet in sorry shape.
    • District has no money to shower on Hollywood types.
    • D.C.’s medical marijuana program highlights risks of federal prosecution.
    • TWT‘s Deborah Simmons: D.C. shouldn’t be so welcoming to illegal immigrants.
    • 74 arrested in downtown prostitution sweep.

    Gray sked: Anacostia High School ribbon cutting at 10 a.m. Tour of Old Naval Hospital Project at 11 a.m.; Appearance at 11th and Monroe Park Groundbreaking at 1 p.m.

    Council sked: Recess.