Latino rights activist Saul Solorzano, who briefly ran in this year’s special election for the at-large council seat, has died.

Solorzano’s bio, courtesy of Franklin Garcia of the D.C. Latino Caucus:

Many of you will remember Saul from his work at CARECEN and also as an At-Large candidate for the Special Election to the DC Council in January 2011.  A long time advocate for immigrant rights, Saul Solorzano held leadership positions in Washington, DC for over 16 years.  In 2008, he was appointed President of the Central American Resource Center – CARECEN.  From 2000-2004, he led community efforts to protect Latinos and other low to moderate income DC residents confronting displacement and gentrification.  He was active in different networks dealing with public education, support to affordable housing, DC voting rights, language access and economic development. Beyond his professional experience, Saul was an advocate for refugee rights, civil rights, housing, and immigrant rights. He was active in several local and national policy and advocacy coalitions, including co-chair of the DC Latino Civil Rights Project, and member of the 2000 US Census Advisory Committee on the Hispanic Population. He had served in the DC Mayor’s Commission on Latino Community Development (OLA) and in the Mayor’s DC Housing Production Trust Fund.  He was most recently serving on Congresswoman Eleanor Norton’s DC Congressional Latino Council.

This is a sad day for our community.  We send our condolences to his family, his extended family at CARECEN, and the many friends he had in the region.  Saul will be missed dearly.