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  • Sulaimon Brown Was A Horrible Hire
  • Gray Administration Eying New Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Good afternoon sweet readers! LL’s newest money making idea involves finding new parents and charging them $1,000 in return for a good night’s sleep. There’s a market out there, trust LL. News time:

    You Damaged The City: Leading off today’s abbreviated round up is the news that Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh released a report this morning into the hiring practices of the Gray administration. The report says the administration damaged the city’s reputation, caused people to lose faith in their government, and pored salt in the wounds of an already divided city. How did they do this? Why, through cronyism, nepotism, excessive pay, and Sulaimania of course. The Post got an early copy of the report, and highlights the reports findings that “Gray appeared ‘essentially disconnected’ and that he failed to adequately supervise his staff.” Does that square with his reputation as a micro-manager? No, it doesn’t.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Flip-Flop; Ethics Stuff; School News…

    Read My Lips: Maybe New Taxes: Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown appears to be walking back from his earlier promises to hold the line on any income tax increases, the Post reports. “Brown met earlier Monday with several of his colleagues for preliminary talks about how the council will come up with $13 million to keep the fiscal year 2012 budget in balance. At the meeting, for the first time, Brown sent a strong signal that he may backtrack on his previous opposition to taxes.” A tax hike on incomes over $350,000 is what’s apparently under discussion; Brown wants assurances the revenue would be used for maintaining schools, parks, and rec centers.

    School News: In case you didn’t know, Gray really likes charter schools. “This is no small thing for a mayor who was elected with heavy support from unionized teachers — the kind who don’t work in the District’s charter schools,” notes the Post. Meanwhile, the Post editorial board almost kinda but not really gives Gray an attaboy on his education efforts.

    Ethics Stuff: The Examiner goes big today on ethics-related news. First, the news side calls constituent service accounts slush funds and somehow tries to make Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry look like the bad guy for buying drinking water for his office just like every other councilmember. Next, the editorial page dings Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans for using a lot of said slush fund money to buy sports tickets and not providing a full list of who got said tickets.

    Gray sked: At MLK memorial for D.C. Day throughout the day.

    Council sked: recess.