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  • Attorney: Sulaimon Brown is a Squatter
  • Good afternoon sweet readers! Sorry this round up is so late. LL’s bosses made him learn the chords to “Rock You Like a Hurricane” before doing anything else today. Apparently, City Paper staff is required to stay at work during natural disasters and jam. News time:

    All Better Now?: WBJ‘s Ben Fischer reports that there was a “Kumbaya” feeling in the air at United Medical Center’s board meeting yesterday. You’ll recall from a past LL column that there’s been some friction at the city-owned hospital of late. Fisher says Board Chairman Charles Matthew Hudson Jr. “made an about-face on two key issues: He has agreed to meet with Dr. Wilton Nedd, chief of the independent physician staff, over his concerns. Also, Hudson will now let CEO Frank DeLisi participate in board committee meetings. In explaining his turn of heart, Hudson said he regretted not making a better effort at building relationships after being ‘shoved in’ to the board chairman spot. ‘I did some reflecting, and a lot of prayer,’ he said. ‘And I realized we did not do that. And so this is a great start to a new beginning.'”

    AFTER THE JUMP: Limit This!; Parking and Taxes; 14th Street No Longer Cool…

    Then What Would I Do With My Life?: Postie Mike DeBonis wonders why D.C.’s politicians haven’t suggested term limits as one of the many ethics proposals floating around. The answer: because they’re politicians. “Term limits could lead to a new blossoming of community leadership in a city whose current politicos have little incentive to encourage neighborhood activists who could well become potential rivals. And those activists often see little reason to step out on their own. ‘Goal-oriented ambitious people rarely run against incumbent politicians,’ [said Philip Blumel, president of U.S. Term Limits.] ‘The wisest people are wise enough to know not to run against an incumbent.’

    A Dream Deferred: With Hurricane Irene bearing down on the District, officials decided last night to put off the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial dedication scheduled for Sunday. Related marches to protest D.C.’s lack of autonomy and other events were also postponed. No word yet on when things will happen now. (Mayor Vince Gray is probably now hoping it rains enough to make this look like the right call, but not enough to do any real damage.)

    Parking and Taxes: Could Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans’ staff be a bunch of tax cheats? Greater Greater Washington reports that the 29 parking tickets totaling $3,300 that Evans’ staff has been reimbursed through his constituent services fund is taxable income, according to the CFO’s office.

    In Other News:

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