If you’ve ever dreamt of ditching your boring old day job for a chance to have cyber chats with people playing online bingo, today is your lucky day.

Intralot, the Greek gaming company that runs the District’s lottery, is looking to hire for District’s first-in-the-nation foray into legalized online gambling.

One of the open gigs: bingo chat moderator, whose job duties will include “moderating conversations, welcoming players and, [engaging] players in chat games.”

As a BCM, you’ll also be on the look out for high rollers, known as “whales” in industry parlance.  The job listing says you’ll have to “actively contact and work with high value bingo players.”

If making sure that people with money to burn continue to gamble sounds like your cup of tea, then you should also consider applying for a table games manager. As a TGM, you’ll be expected to develop “procedures for utilizing the company’s existing resources for reducing the churn rate of high-value table games players.”

LL doesn’t know if they job pays a commission, but if it does, then Intralot should consider this slogan to motivate it’s employees: “The less churn, the more you earn.”

Intralot has multiple job listings related to online gambling, a sign they aren’t too worried about Ward 6 Councilmaytr Tommy Wells’ promised proposal to repeal Internet gambling. Anti-gambling activist Marie Drissel, who sent LL the job postings, notes that there isn’t a District residency requirement for the jobs.

Photo by Flickr user sarae