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  • DCGOP: Council is Full of Crooks
  • Evans, Graham Subpoenaed in Lottery Contract Suit
  • Good morning sweet readers! For a small fee, LL will be the Redskins’ quarterback next week. News time:

    Not the Best Start: An early stumble for Andi Pringle, Mayor Vince Gray‘s new deputy mayor, who was brought on board to help restore faith in the mayor’s ability to govern. Pringle voted in last year’s primary even though she was (and still is) a Maryland resident. D.C. Watch’s Dorothy Brizill puts the rest of the press corps to shame by being the only person to bother pulling Pringle’s voter registration. Pringle tells the Post: “I voted in the D.C. primary with the understanding that since I had not severed ties with my community nor established residency in Maryland, I should vote at the precinct where I had voted for the past eight years.” (Pringle’s voter registration shows she didn’t vote in the general election or this year’s special election. Meanwhile, nerdy new chief of staff Chris Murphy has voted in every election he’s been eligible to vote in since 1992.) Is all this a big deal? No. But it could be: Brizill says she filed a complaint with the Board of Elections and Ethics over Pringle’s vote, which could conceivably  fine Pringle for the voting faux pas. As an aside, LL wonders how many Maryland residents voted in last year’s primary? Send LL an email if you are a free stater who did, and LL will tally the numbers.

    AFTER THE JUMP: The $13.5 Million Solution; Consitiuent Service Others; Unkind Words…

    The Solution To All Our Problems: What is there was a way to avoid implementing a municipal bond tax or raising the District’s income tax? Wouldn’t that make everyone at the Wilson Building happy? It would, and there is a way: convince Bank of America to pony up $13.5 million the District government says it owes for its role in the Harriette Walters tax office scandal. But that ain’t gonna happy, reports WBJ‘s Mike Neibauer, at least not anytime soon.

    Fear The Other: Would you like some statistics regarding how councilmembers have spent their constituent service accounts in the last decade? TWT‘s Tom Howell Jr. is here to help: “The word ‘other is used to describe the purposes of 7,189 expenditures, or about 63 percent of the 11,448 transactions, followed by 733 expenditures for ‘catering/refreshments’ and 607 expenditures for ‘supplies.'” Not to worry, says OCF, they get more details on ‘other’ expenses. In other constituent service news, several councilmembers complained to the Post about the D.C. GOP’s complaint against them for donating small amounts to various political organizations.  “This is evidently all the GOP has, since it has an absence of qualified candidates who can get elected. … So it resorts to backbiting. It’s not a strategy. It’s just entertaining,” says Councilmember David Catania, who will not be getting a Christmas card from Pat Mara this year.

    Those Words Are Not Kind: Catania’s Tourette’s Syndrome got the better of him yesterday when he called CFO Nat Gandhi an “idiot bean counter” who is waging a “jihad against the poor.” Catania was responding to Gandhi’s remarks that Wall Street bond rating agencies might look kindly on the District owning United Medical Center. Does Catania not realize that he’s the one who looks bad when he goes off on these tirades?

    In Other News:

    • Marion Barry‘s “ghetto” comment displeases.
    • Gray visits Covert Affairs set, posts pictures on Facebook.
    • Former Anacosita Waterfront Corp. Chairman Stephen Goldsmith resigned from Bloomberg administration after police were called to his Georgetown house on a domestic violence call.

    Gray sked: Desk work.