The. Rev. Bill Bennett, senior pastor at Good Success Christian Church, plans to announce this week to announce his candidacy for the Ward 7 Council seat.

Team Bennett says in a news release (which came out on a Saturday!) that he’s running to promote employment and economic development in Ward 7 as well as “more comprehensive services for senior citizens, increased public safety support, more restaurants and quality social venues and more opportunities that help Ward 7 residents receive their Fair Share!” (Yes, fair share was capitalized.)

Bennett co-founded the Washington Interfaith Network and served as former Mayor for Life Marion Barry‘s Office of Religious Affairs’ director, according to the release.

At present, Bennett is competing with Kevin B. Chavous, Tom Brown, and Ron Moten to knock off incumbent Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander.

Paul Savage, who organized the Ward 7 Concerned Citizens Coalition, says his group is still shopping for a candidate. “We haven’t found one that meets our standards.”