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Good morning sweet readers! Redskin fans, enjoy these fleeting last hours of having an undefeated team. News time:

They’re All Bums!: Post columnist Colby King is sick and tired of the bums on the council. “Is this the best we can do? Is it possible to find women and men in this city who, when it comes to ethics, can walk the talk? … Residents are sick of puffed-up, self-serving, marginally effective council members. And they are tired of being embarrassed.”

AFTER THE JUMP: Thomas Gotta Go; Graham Whines; Fenty’s Back…

Thomas Gotta Go: Both Jonetta Rose Barras and the WaPo editorial board took exception to Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. opening his trap during last week’s tax hike debate.  “In some cultures, when a crime is committed against the community, the offender is banished or shunned. Thomas has been allowed to strut and boast. During last Tuesday’s tax debate he engaged in breathtakingly thuggish behavior, including repeated interruptions of Chairman Kwame Brown, bullying of the general counsel and all-around unstatesmanlike conduct,” says Jonetta. “Someone who would take money intended for disadvantaged children has little sense of shame,” says the Post. Jonetta also asks a question that’s been on LL’s mind a lot of late: where is U.S. Attorney Ron Machen? It’s been nearly four months since the A.G. sued Thomas. Let’s get a move on.

You Hurt My Feelings: Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham takes his whining to the op-ed pages of the WaPo. Graham is mad because the Post is using the word “bribe” to describe the wad of cash his former chief of staff Ted Loza tried to give him on behalf of an undercover FBI agent. How about illegal gift you should have reported? LL will have more on this on his blog later today.

Clean Up On Aisle 3: On Friday the mayor’s office pulled the plug on the shortlived nomination of Robert Mallett to be the head of the city’s Board of Elections and Ethics. Mallett’s nomination was doomed because he didn’t meet the legal requirements have having lived in the District for the last three years. In response to the mess up, the mayor’s administration will now get the A-OK on possible nominees from the Office of the Attorney General before holding embarrassing news conferences, TWT reports.

Miss Me? Give Money: Former Mayor Adrian Fenty is going to help his new law firm make it rain for Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, the Post reports. The pair have an odd relationship whereby they are apparently obligated to do exactly one favor per campaign.

In Other News: Don’t give beer to firefighters. TWT does a tax hike round up “But the important thing is, all my colleagues seems to be fiscally responsible,” says Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown. Graham looks to Brown for more leadership on council. Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh defends vote. City finally quits wasting money on federal lobbying contracts. Pepco wants to raise rates. Mayor flip flops on library name. Ward 6 Councilmartyr Saint Tommy Wells takes a vow to restore Sunday hours to MLK library.

Gray sked: MPD Officer Jelani Prather funeral services at 10:30 a.m.; Meeting of Mayor’s Commission on HIV/AIDS at 1 p.m.; “100,000 Strong” Global Initiative Documentary Taping at 3:15 p.m.

Council sked: Judiciary hearing at 11 a.m. on white collar crimes. (Insert joke about expert witnesses)