Ward 8 State Board of Education member Trayon White was arrested Saturday on a charge of unlawful entry, court records show.

White was arrested by a pair of D.C. Housing Authority police officers for standing in front of the Woodland Terrace public housing complex, court records show. White had been barred from Woodland Terrace earlier this summer by one of his arresting officers, the records show.

When LL contacted DCHA’s police department to find out why White had been barred, the agency said barring notices aren’t public record (that can’t be true, right?) but that White should have a copy of the notice.

Here’s an email from White explaining his version of events:

I was arrested because DCHA police told MPD that they gave me a stay away order, which is a lie.

I was never barred from Woodland, ever. I have been targeted by MPD because when they mistreat people I stand up for them especially if they right. If the person is wrong, I can’t fight against that. Police follow me all the time even when I’m driving with my family. I was assaulted by MPD in 2006 and sued DC. Every since then I have been a target by DC Police. I have a great relationship with MPD senior officials who really cares. However, the vice unit aka “jump outs” is unethical and get away with illegal activities at the expense of people lives. This is one of many incidents. I have no criminal record, except protesting at the White House.

I feel disrespected and targeted. I have been labeled the leader for my generation, especially in Ward 8. That is one of the main reasons the people arrested me. I have served Woodland and other communities and have been featured on CNN, Washington Post, channel 7 and NBC and Community Foundation, etc. At this time I do this work with little and no resources. The community in Woodland Terrace is outraged. The president of Woodland Terrace Resident Council Davon Johnson was present and told the officers, Tray does not do anything but help the residents of Woodland everyday and all over Southeast. They explained they didn’t care. I can’t serve the residents if I am barred. I have yet to hear from anyone why I was allegedly barred.