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  • Erstwhile D.C. Committeewoman Battles Political Rivals—and PEPCO
  • Good morning sweet readers! Early season football is so overrated, right? News time:

    Full Time Troublemakers: At-large Councilmember Vincent Orange writes in a Post op-ed that the full-time problems of this city require full time legislators. “Quite simply, it is difficult for residents to accept that outside employment does not carry the potential for conflicts of interest, unethical behavior, corruption and divided loyalties.” Orange doesn’t mention in his op-ed that he orginally wanted to boost council salaries to $170,000-a-year, an idea so bad that he withdrew it almost immediately once it saw the light of day. Instead, Orange wisely says that “in the minds of most D.C. residents, $125,583 is already a full-time salary.”

    AFTER THE JUMP: Where Are The Board Members; Gray So Slow; Bring Back Tony…

    Where Are the Pointless Board Members?: The Post makes a big deal out of the fact that Mayor Vince Gray is struggling to find candidates for the hundreds of boards and commissions vacancies. “Such appointments extend a mayor’s reach deep into city bureaucracy, but Gray is finding it difficult to find candidates willing to serve on bodies that help advise and oversee policies ranging from barbershop standards to the development of green buildings and green jobs.” Booooring! Post columnist Robert McCartney also quotes anonymous “friends” of the mayor saying he needs to pick up the pace. Also booooring!

    Bring Back Tony: Post columnist Colby King has already told us he’s tired of the entire council. Now he indicates he’s tired of the mayor as well and wouldn’t mind seeing Tony Williams as D.C.’s mayor again. LL wasn’t around when Williams was mayor, but it seems like he had more than his fair share of ethical controversies, no?

    In Other News: Jonetta Rose Barras says the OCFO is leaking city money like a sieve. MPD welcomes 35 new recruits. Number of homicides pretty low this year. Fight over UMC’s future not very exciting any more.

    Council sked: Roundtabling on the audit of Peaceoholics at 11 a.m.

    Gray sked: MPD Police Academy Visit at 8:30 a.m.; Ankara, Turkey Sister City Agreement Signing Ceremony at 10 a.m.; D.C. Circulator East-of-the-River Service Launch 11 a.m.;
    Lunch With the Turkish Ambassador and the Mayor of Ankara at 1 p.m.; ANC 2E Meeting at 6:30 p.m.