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What are the biggest three issues facing Ward 7?

If you answered unemployment, kidney disease, and vacant homes, then you might be Ward 7 council candidate Kevin B. Chavous.

Chavous, the son of former Ward 7 Councilmember Kevin P. Chavous, officially kicked off his campaign this weekend.

His stump speech: “In the last four years, our primary issues needing attention have gotten worse. Unemployment in Ward 7 is double the national average. Rates of kidney disease in the ward are 44 times the national average. And, we have more vacant homes than any other ward in the city.” (Wait, 44 times the national average? Does anyone in Ward 7 have functioning kidneys?)

“I am here to tell you today that we can do better and we can be better! If I am elected, I promise to bring the effective advocacy and strong leadership needed from a councilmember, leadership that will ensure we receive our portion of coveted city resources. For too long, the needs of our residents have been overlooked; our problems and concerns swept under the rug. It is time for this to change, and I’m running to be an agent of that change.”