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  • VO’s Ethics Bill Goes Down in Flames
  • Conference Call Fun
  • Good afternoon sweet readers! Sorry for the delayed roundup. LL was out mowing grass. News time:

    Grassgate Grows: Speaking of grass, the WaPo editorial board has another installment in the burgeoning controversy over which contractor gets to mow the city’s lawns. The Post is strongly suggesting that Mayor Vince Gray is playing favorites with a local firm that is friendly with Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. at the expense of a Baltimore-based company that’s s been doing a good job at a good price. The Gray administration says the Post is on a facts-be-damned vendetta and that the mayor only wanted to give local companies a chance to compete in future contracts. So many unanswered questions!? Like, Did Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh just throw the mayor under the bus? Why didn’t the Department of Public Works put out a bid like the mayor asked it to? Why is the CBE program always part of every political kerfuffle in this town?Fortunately, there’s a council hearing on Friday, and you know they’ll be getting some answers.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Gun Ban Upheld;No to Noel; Down with Bikes…

    Sorry Gun Nuts: D.C. residents who were looking forward to showing off their AK-47’s at dinner parties will be disappointed by a 2-1 federal appeals court decision to uphold the city’s ban on semi-automatic weapons. Mayor Gray was happy, saying the ruling “upholds our government’s authority to pass reasonable gun laws.”

    No to Noel: Jonetta Rose Barras makes some reasonable-sounding points as to why former people’s counsel Betty Noel shouldn’t be on the Public Service Commission. But still, if Pepco is against her …

    In Other News: Chuck Thies isn’t a fan of anti-bike assault legislation. Go slow in cutting welfare payments to long-term recipients, says DCFPI. LL has been to six of D.C.’s sister cities.

    Gray sked: RFK Stadium 50th Anniversary Kick-Off at 1 p.m.;
    Greater Washington Board of Trade 2011 Fall Business Classic Reception at 6:30 p.m.

    Council sked: Roundtable on small business at 10 a.m. FEMS overtime at 11 p.m.