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  • Troubles on the Home Front
  • Catania Wins Money Race
  • Good morning sweet readers! It’s Thursday, and you all know what that means: At least one Washington City Paper staffer is headed to the hospital thanks to the paper’s weekly breath-holding competition. In this week’s dead tree edition, which also comes out today, LDP looks at prep-school developers’ big secret plans for H street. Dave McKenna notes that while homophobia is no longer cool in professional sports, the Gay Softball World Series (which is coming to D.C.) is. And LL looks at a brouhaha over how city money was spent, according to the inspector general, to try and defeat a bid by low-paid nursing home workers to unionize. News time:

    Unemployed Yoots: WCP’s Shani Hilton notes that 28,000 DC residents aged 16-24 aren’t working or in school. Depressing. “Young people so disconnected from work and education face limited prospects,” says the Brookings. What to do? Well, forcing every kid towards college isn’t the answer. Some days, LL sure wishes he’d stuck with plumbing.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Update on Grassgate; Sherwood Push Back; Residency Fraud…

    Update on Grassgate: What? No WaPo editorial today on the city’s grass contracts? Boooo. At his regular presser yesterday, Mayor Vince Gray took at swing at the ed board’s credibility. “Well, I find it interesting that we would spend as much ink on a grass-cutting contract that is very explicable, it just seems fictional.” Seems, or is, Mr Mayor?

    Push Back: Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown pushes back (with some half-truths) against a Tom Sherwood Current column. Yes, Brown’s transition campaign did release its fundraising and spending records. No, they’re no longer available to the public. And no, the records Brown released did not include all the spending, like the $4,000 payment to his brother’s firm.

    Where You From, Kid?: Brown’s on a mission to find out more about Maryland and Virginia kids who are attending DC’s public schools. “Let me be clear: This was brought to me by parents,” Brown told TWT. Brown’s holding a hearing today on the topic.

    In Other News: Do you love it? LL loves it. Well you can soon get it at Ross. Kids walk to school. DDOT’s suggestion for Metro name changes. Chuck Thies suggestion for ethics reform: “any Council member who is indicted on a felony charge shall be barred from chairing committees, voting in committees and voting on legislative or budgetary matters until such time as the charge is dropped, an acquittal is rendered, or the member is convicted.” Good luck with that one, Chuck. Is D.C.’s taxi industry really that horrible? More on study that says the city moves too quickly in removing kids from their families. Chronic truancy down at DCPS middle schools. Parking payments by phone are a hit. Is Fiesta DC too big for Mount Pleasant? Some Eastern Market vendors don’t think Councilmartyr Saint Tommy Wells is acting so saintly. Setback for streetcars.

    Gray sked: Office of the Chief Financial Officer 2013 Budget Kickoff Meeting at 10 a.m. One-on-one with WBJ’s Michael Neibauer at 1 p.m. (Topics for discussion: why are the Eagles so bad this year?)

    Council sked: School residency fraud hearing at 1 p.m.