Yesterday the Post reported that Lorenz, the Baltimore-based grass cutting company at the center of the recent tempest over city contracts, offered the city a deal to settle the whole mess.  You renew the options years in my contracts, Lorenz said, and I’ll sit down with the Post editorial board and make the negative publicity go away.

It’s hard to think of how that effort could have been any more unsuccessful. Yesterday, Mayor Vince Gray said on WTOP that he was “aghast” at the offer and had “never seen anything like it.” (LL supposes this means Sulaimon Brown never offered to mow the mayor’s yard in return for saying bad things about former Mayor Adrian Fenty.)  Also yesterday Attorney General Irv Nathan sent a tartly worded letter to the company’s lawyer, essentially saying, “are you freaking kidding me?”

“Further, your client, having decided to pursue this matter initially in the press, is in no position now to propose how the District should handle press relations resulting from your client’s choice to paint as improper the perfectly legitimate decision of the District not to exercise its option under the contract,” writes Nathan.

Read the whole thing:

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