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  • Gray: The Tax Fight Is Over, Kwame
  • Good morning sweet readers! LL was looking at buying tickets for the Cowboys/Redskins game. Man, those things aren’t cheap. Why are so many people willing to spend so much money to see their team lose? News time:

    Gommie Gunned Down: Man, how bad was Rep. Louis Gohmert‘s plan to allow out-of-District concealed gun permit owners the right to carry said concealed guns in the District? Well, it must have been pretty shabby if it only got three votes in the Republican-controlled House Judiciary Committee. Gommie’s plan failed 24-3-1, with so-far benevolent congressional overlord Rep. Trey Gowdy casting the lone “present” vote. “And while he said he was sympathetic to the idea of states’ rights, Gohmert noted the Constitution specifically dictated “that Congress would be in charge” of the D.C. government,” notes the Post. Question: will yesterday’s no vote count against lawmakers on the NRA’s scorecard?

    AFTER THE JUMP: Free Speech v. Free Sleep; Stay Put; Quit Arrestin’…

    Free Speech Isn’t Free Sleep: Some downtown commercial property owners are getting a tad antsy about how long the occ-protesters plan to live in their Freedom Plaza tent village. Per the Post:  “Richard Bradley, executive director of the Downtown Business Improvement District, which represents commercial property owners, said some of his members with properties near the two protest areas called him to ask what was being done to address the demonstrations as they persist. …Bradley said he wanted to make sure that protesters were granted their First Amendment rights but wondered how long occupying public places would be part of that. ‘Is there ever a line that gets drawn? How does sleeping in a park contribute to that expression?’ he said.”

    Stay In Place: What should you do the next time some sort of calamity strikes the District? Stay put to avoid jamming up the District’s roadways, says the D.C. Homeland Security Emergency Management Agency. Sounds like a reasonable plan that people will almost assuredly follow when there’s a disaster.

    Quit Arresting: The WaPo editorial board weighs in against MPD’s hilarious policy of arresting people who are caught driving vehicles with expired tags. The law, the Post says, “makes no allowance for people whose worst offense is bad record-keeping.”

    In Other News:

    • Eleanor Holmes Norton doesn’t want anything fancy done to her snails, thank you very much.
    • Spongier District would require less wastewater tunnels.
    • Streetcar to Walter Reed in a jiffy?
    • City’s homeless no longer forced to go to church.
    • Ali Mohammed‘s family suing DC9.

    Gray sked: Interviews with various media outlets on MLK memorial, D.C. rights, all day.

    Council sked: Hearing on First Source at 10 a.m.