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A couple of week ago LL wrote about troubles at J.B. Johnson Nursing Center between its wanna-be union workers and its owner. Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry just finished hosting a council hearing on the District-owned nursing home in which both sides are arguing the same points they made in the article.

One footnote possibly worth mentioning is the name of the nursing home is technically no longer J.B. Johnson. The home’s management company, VMT Long Term Care Management, has renamed it Unique Residential Care Center.

That change doesn’t sit well originally with Barry, who fired off a stern letter in September to VMT’s owner, Solanges Vivens, asking her to change the name back. “I am vehemently opposed to this decision, demand and will fight to see that the Nursing Center continue to honor and be named after Dr. J.B. Johnson,” Barry wrote.

Johnson, who was a professor at Howard University Medical School and served as president of the National Medical Association and the Washington Heart Association, “left a legacy on the African American community and was a trailblazer in the medical field,” Barry wrote.

Johnson’s widow (whose name LL didn’t catch) testified at the hearing that she’s upset with the name change and with allegations that Johnson’s picture at the nursing center was unceremoniously taken down and put in the trash.

Vivens testified, or more accurately, spoke loudly at Ms. Johnson, that yes, she discarded an old picture of an unidentified man, but she replaced it with a fancy bronzed picture of Johnson placed on mahogany panel. And, Vivens said, the name of physical building will remain J.B. Johnson and his name will continue to be on the center’s paperwork.

That’ll work, said Barry.