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  • Good afternoon sweet readers! Sorry for the delay, LL was busy keeping it real. News time:

    I Know It Was You, Howard, You Broke My Heart: Did it feel like the Sunday Post update on the federal investigation into Mayor Vince Gray‘s campaign was missing something? Well, TV’s old guard comes through with the scoop that mystery man Howard Brooks, alleged giver of gifts to Sulaimon Brown, has been cooperating with the feds and wearing a wire. WUSA9’s Bruce Johnson says the Brooks wore a wire for at least one conversation, though we don’t know with whom. NBC4’s Tom Sherwood also mentioned Brooks’ wire wearing. If this is true, it’s huge. Officials in the Gray administration have expected that Brooks would be the most likely to fall over l’affaire Sulaimon. And LL would have agreed with them up until yesterday. But if Brooks is working with the feds, then it seems like the next most likely targets would be former campaign chairwoman Lorraine Green and the mayor. And why would the feds spend so much effort going after Green? Unsolved mysteries: who was Brooks talking to when the feds were listening, what did they say, and how long before a transcript of the conversation winds up in court records?

    AFTER THE JUMP: Bring Back Barry; Public Transit or Else!; UMC Settlement?…

    Bring Back Barry!: Dream City author Harry Jaffe jokes about bringing back Mayor-for-Life Marion Barry as the District’s mayor, as a way of noting that “the current roster of leaders are a weak and feckless bunch.”

    Liveable, Walkable, Or Else: Ward 6 Councilmartyr Saint Tommy Wells is displeased that Department of Public Works Director Bill Howland forgoes public transportation and sometimes uses a chauffeur when he has multiple meetings in a day. “”I’m not willing to hear that because you have a lot of meetings, you have to have a car and possibly a driver because you can’t park there,” says Wells. “”That’s just not the city we live in anymore. At least it shouldn’t be.”

    In Other News:

    • City and United Medical Center’s former owners in settlement talks.
    • Shooting in Congress Heights after meeting over Barry’s “ghetto” comments.
    • Ward 5 residents: wouldn’t you rather have weed growing than stripping?

    Gray sked: Federal City Council Annual Meeting at 12:45 p.m.; Downtown D.C. Business Improvement District Board Meeting at 4 p.m.; College Bound’s 20th Anniversary Gala Reception at 6 p.m.; Reception for Monsignor John Enzler at 6:40 p.m.

    Council sked: Legislative meeting to stop cops from arresting people with expired tags is already over.