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  • 14th and Blue
  • Sex in the Reeves Center (And in Car Under the Reeves Center)
  • Good afternoon sweet readers! It’s Thursday, and you all know what that means: another dead tree edition of Washington City Paper hits the streets and LL’s bosses spend the day fake tanning and playing bingo. This week is the beer edition, which you know is awesome. LL sends a dispatch from the poor neglected (and sexy?) Reeves Center, where Councilmember Jim Graham has been giving a somewhat mysterious non-profit/for-profit that few have ever heard of free rent for a number of years. News time:

    Brother-In-Law Bashing: Ex lotto honcho Leonard Manning opens up TWT about Howard Brooks, the mystery man at the center of the feds investigation into l’affaire Sulaimon. “Mr. Brooks is described by his brother-in-law as short in stature and prone to exaggeration,” the Times reports. Manning says Mayor Vince Gray ought to quit pretending like he and Brooks aren’t close. He says Gray and Brooks have been buds since Gray first ran for council, and that Brooks once worked for the mayor’s frat brother and lobbyist Bruce Bereano. Meanwhile Gray said at a presser yesterday that he hadn’t talked to Brooks at all this year. Brooks, you’ll recall, may have worn a wire to record a conversation while cooperating with investigators.

    In Other News:

    • Chuck Thies really doesn’ t like Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown.
    • D.C. gets new corrections boss.
    • Georgetown DMV isn’t closing to punish white people.
    • Is Graham to blame for jazz club’s permit problems?
    • Who needs a CFO when there is a Neibauer?
    • Gray to police: don’t ask don’t tell about immigration status.
    • Ted Loza may be in prison while several Ethiopian co-conspirators await sentencing, but their dreams of green cabs being except from taxi license moratoriums lives on.

    Gray sked: Lights On Afterschool D.C. Program Flash Mob at the Wilson Building, 4 p.m.

    Council sked: Hearing on recordation tax at 10 a.m.; Hearing on homeless housing at 2 p.m.