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A few weeks ago LL got an email from former Councilmember Sekou Biddle saying he was quitting his job at an education non-profit to “pursue new challenges.” LL called Biddle, who likely holds the title as the District’s shortest serving councilmember, to see if that meant he was going to take another shot at the crown. Biddle didn’t say anything either way, but LL came away with the distinct impression that Biddle wasn’t interested in running again.

Wrong! Biddle has been chatting with supporters and other political types in the last few weeks trying to decide whether to try again. Biddle says those chats have been “encouraging,” and says he’ll be making his decision public very soon (like in the next week, soon). One person Biddle’s met with, former competitor Bryan Weaver, says he thinks Biddle’s likely to run.

Biddle narrowly defeated Vincent Orange to win the D.C. Democratic State Committee’s appointment to the council at the beginning of this year. Orange then came back to beat Biddle four months later during a special election, in which Biddle came in third. It’s probably a fair argument to make that Biddle got a raw deal in that race, because the endorsements of Mayor Vince Gray and Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown rapidly went from being beneficial to being huge burdens because of Sulaimon and Navigators. But Biddle also ran a pretty lousy campaign, and will have to step up his game in a big way if he wants to have a chance against what is likely to be a well-financed Orange campaign.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery