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Good morning sweet readers! LL is excited to watch his first baseball game of the year tonight. Wait, it is tonight right? News time:

Sulaimon, Say This: The AP gets in on the Sulaimon Brown game with reportage that Brown “has told federal authorities that Mayor Vincent Gray handed him a list of talking points to use against the then-incumbent Adrian Fenty.” (Point one: Fenty is a jerk. Point two: See point one.) This, according to an anonymous person with knowledge of said talking points memo. The story seems a little thin and you can color LL skeptical that Gray himself would actually hand Brown talking points. Maybe someone working or volunteering for the Gray campaign tried to help Brown make coherent attacks on Fenty during debates, but the mayor himself? C’mon. He’s way too not dumb for that, right? Gray’s high-priced lawyer Robert Bennett says it ain’t true and points out that “Brown’s allegation about the talking points must be relatively new since Brown did not make the accusation in the initial flurry of interviews he gave shortly after his firing or at his appearance before the Council.” If anything, this story is a reminder that the U.S. Attorney’s Office needs to get its rear in gear and start making some news.

AFTER THE JUMP:  Hit the Road, Jack; UMC Profitable/Non-profitable; City settled St. Es suit;

Hit the Road Jack: Not-yet-a-candidate Fiona Greig publishes her platform piece at Greater Greater Washington. Greig dings incumbent Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans for being disengaged on education, parks, and transportation issues, as well as being too lackadaisical in overseeing the CFO’s office and not being tough enough on ethics. “One would expect that the DC Council would have pivoted to focus on schools, parks and walkable, livable communities. Yet we still have councilmembers who see parks and transportation as constituent services, not as the linchpins to improving our city’s fiscal position.” (Can Ward 6 Councilmartyr Saint Tommy Wells sue for copyright infringement?) Greig says she’s the candidate for folks who want to “move past ethics scandals and yesterday’s news and start talking about the future of the District of Columbia.”

You Call This a Profit?: The battled continues on Southern Avenue as Councilmember David Catania and CFO Nat Gandhi continue to hate on each other over the future of the city-owned United Medical Center. The lastest row: the hospital is profitable on paper, but not in real life, and will need another infusion of cash from the city.

In Other News:

  • Evans tours O and P Street work.
  • Memorials don’t come cheap.
  • City settles St. E’s suit.
  • Target getting cold feet about Dakota Crossing.
  • Good riddance to D.C. General.
  • Automated Metro announcements are so overdue it’s not even funny, or as a Metro train operator would say, “Braaa, Rahhhhh, AAaahhh.”

Gray sked: 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.: Wilson Senior High School at Dunbar Senior High School Football Game

Council sked: Nada