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Would that all politicians were as open and transparent with Ward 2 council candidate Fiona Greig. Greig not only filed a list of donors to her exploratory committee with the Office of Campaign Finance, as required—but also filed a spreadsheet of folks from whom she hopes to raise money, too.

Except Grieg’s openness appears to be accidental. Greig’s filing includes the names of potential donors and other people she needs to know, along with little notes about some of them, like: “super wealthy,” “owns law firm,” and LL’s favorite, “Homosexual McKinsey.”

(LL deleted that particular individual’s name in the list below; McKinsey & Co is the consulting firm where Greig works.)

Greig also apparently plans to reach out to Post columnist Ezra Klein, perhaps to try and get him to dip his toes into the exciting world of Ward 2 politics, and to hold a joint fundraiser with at-large candidate Sekou Biddle.

Some other notables whom Greig is hoping to raise money from or reach out to include Greater Greater Washington contributor Ken Archer*, lawyer and frequent campaign contributor James Taglieri, and LL assumes “Jerry Segal” of “Segal Construction” was meant to be Gerry Sigal of Sigal Construction.

Greig wasn’t immediately available for comment about how this list wound up being filed at OCF.

Update: Greig gets back to LL to say that she’s very embarrassed that some “chicken scratch notes” written by a volunteer during a September brainstorming session have found their way into the public record. She says she didn’t author the spreadsheet but emailed it to OCF by mistake. She declined to name the volunteer who wrote it.

As for the phrase “Homosexual McKinsey,” which is rapidly becoming a favorite punchline of Washington City Paper staffers, Greig says she’s sorry if anyone is put off by the word “homosexual.”

“I convey my deepest and most sincere apologies for anyone who might take offense,” Greig says, adding that the word is “no longer in my vocabulary” and that she’s an active supporter of gay rights. “I have family members who are gay,” she says.

As well as co-workers, she did not add.

The list:

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*Archer is also listed as Greig’s campaign chairman, so yeah, he’s probably good for a donation.