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Good morning sweet readers! Four day weekends rule. Whichever politician makes that part of his or her platform has LL’s vote. News time:

Here We Go Again: The Post editorial board is back digging around into why a Baltimore-based grass cutting/snow shoveling company lost a city contract. This time around, the Post wants to know why, in the late days of Adrian Fenty‘s administration, the city canceled a contract with Lorenz Inc. to shovel snow at a rate of $50 an hour per person and gave the contract to two other contractors at significantly higher rates. “For the past month, we’ve been trying to find out why the city didn’t just use Lorenz. ‘Unfortunately,’ according to the general services spokesman, ‘we have not been able to determine the underlying justification for issuing a solicitation for snow removal services, largely due to significant changes in senior staff involved in the award of these contracts.'” Seems like a lot of smoke with very little fire. The Post needs to find some meat on this whole Lorenz stuff. And in other news, LL is resigning effective immediately to go make a lot more money shoveling snow for the District. $50 an hour!

AFTER THE JUMP: More on Ethics; Don’t Discriminate; Bongs at Hemp Stores?…

Ethicspalooza: Jonetta Rose Barras seems impressed with Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser‘s ethics bill and adds, “People have suggested the Office of Campaign Finance could do the job, if it had more money and staff. There’s way too much evidence of the OCF’s incompetence to buy that argument. It can’t be eliminated soon enough.” Meanwhile, Peter Rosenstein voices his concerns about the bill at the Georgetown Dish. And D.C. Watch’s Gary Imhoff asks how any new members of an ethics board appointed by city lawmakers will be able to “escape the taint” of being appointed by crooks.

City Owned a Little Longer: A $428,000 study of what to do with United Medical Center says the preferred choice is “moving to ambulatory and physician care with scaled-down in-patient services,” WBJ and the Post report. Per the WBJ: the report “also recommends that the District-owned facility remain under government control while the changes are implemented, deflating hope of a near-term sale.” The report says the type of transformation needed will take at least three years. Also of note, the hospital’s board, “the report describes based on its interviews, does not work effectively, is too involved in hospital operations and is the subject of too much political influence, “making it difficult to make decisions in the best interest of the hospital and the communities served.”

Ban The Box And Don’t Discriminate: Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry’s push to include ex-cons on the list of people who shan’t be discriminated against in city law got the Post treatment over the weekend. “Nobody expects a bank to hire a bank robber,” says Barry, in response to some of the pushback against his proposal.

You Mean They Sell Bongs at a Hemp Store?!?: Read the hilarious affidavit by MPD trying to justify why they wasted your money raiding two Capital Hemp stores, courtesy of DCist. “Your Affiant said ‘I’m all about it, I need something to smoke my herb in.’ The white male said in a long drawn out tone ‘Oh yeah man, we got the water pipes bro come by.'” Great police work.

In Other News:

  • The always charming Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. calls Post editorial board writer Jo-Ann Armao “the devil.”
  • Examiner has curtain raiser on tomorrow’s taxicab commission hearing to discuss nearly doubling cab fares (and the Post notes that cabbie honcho Nathan Price is getting pro bono help in could be a long fight).
  • There are 745 new students enrolled in the school voucher program.
  • Fox 5 has more on the apparent ball dropping by DYRS in the case of the 17-year-old shot in Georgetown on Halloween.
  • Totem poll in Anacostia’s future.
  • Fire Engine Company 24 celebrated its 100 anniversary of putting out fire in Petworth.
  • The Office of the State Superintendent of Education has fired a woman who may have stolen more than $200,000, the Post reports.

Gray sked: 7:00 p.m. – 8:15 p.m.: Southwest Neighborhood Assembly Meeting at St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church; 8:45 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.: Ward 5 Democrats Monthly Meeting.

Council sked: Hearings at 11 a.m. on B19-519: Old Naval Hospital Real Property Tax Assistance Act of 2011 and Joint public hearing on B19-0190: Tenant Security Deposits Clarification Amendment Act of 2011; and B19-0250: Visitability Requirements Act of 2011.