WTOP’s Mark Segraves is reporting that the FBI is at Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr.‘s house, but at the moment the councilmember has not been arrested.

LL is hearing all sorts of disparate info from his sources at the Wilson Building about what’s currently happening. LL will be updating throughout the day as more facts become available.

Thomas and his attorney Fred Cooke Jr. were not immediately available for comment. Cooke is at Thomas’ house.

For those unaware of why the FBI might be at Thomas’ house, read here.

Update (9:53 a.m.): A federal source confirms that the FBI is searching Thomas’ property but says it is unlikely that Thomas is going to be arrested today.

Update (10:03 a.m.): The AP is reporting that IRS agents are also searching Thomas’ house (Taxes, that’s how they get ya!). LL’s editor, Mike Madden, just arrived on the scene to find Thomas’ cul-de-sac roped off, plenty of federal law enforcement vehicles around Thomas’ house and a lot of media milling about.

Update (10:10 a.m.): Madden reports that he just saw law enforcement officials take two or three garbage bags’ worth of materials out of Thomas’ house and put them in a vehicle. Madden also says there’s a tow truck on the scene, but Madden cannot see if Thomas’ Audi is in his garage.

Update (10:42 a.m.): The tow truck drove off a little while ago, as did a Treasury Department police car. The truck didn’t take anything with it as it left.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery