Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown inexplicably inserted himself into today’s Harry Thomas Jr. news just now.

Brown called his colleagues together for a 4 p.m powwow on what to do about Tommy. But only six of his colleagues could make the meeting on short notice, so Brown decided to reschedule until Monday.

Except he did this in public, allowing himself to being filmed by multiple TV cameras while he refused to answer reporters’ shouted questions. Exactly why is beyond LL, but look for Brown to make a cameo in the coverage on the 11 p.m. broadcasts.

Meanwhile, back in Langdon, FBI agents finally left Thomas’ house around 5:45 p.m. Thomas’ lawyer, Fred Cooke Jr., was joined on the scene by Karl Racine, who is now also representing the councilmember. By then, LL and his colleagues were long gone, but reports from other media types still hanging around made it sound like LL didn’t miss much.

LL’s got calls and emails out to Cooke and Racine, but hasn’t heard back yet. If any more news breaks over the weekend, we’ll be updating here.