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LL’s column includes a look at the relationship between the Washington Post editorial page and the Fenty administration. For those of you with way too much time on your hands, take a look at these pages and pages of emails between Fenty staffers and Post writers.

As LL noted in his column, you won’t find any smoking gun proving the widely-held belief that editorial writer Jo-Ann Armao was playing for the Green Team. Instead, it looks like she had a very good relationship with former Attorney General Peter Nickles, the de facto mayor under Adrian Fenty and probably the best source for a reporter to have in that administration.

You will find Nickles doing far more than an impartial attorney general probably should, including spending his time trying to help Armao write negative things about Vince Gray when he was gearing up/running for mayor against Fenty. When Gray called Nickles a “political hatchet man” last summer, he wasn’t blowing smoke.

Armao does deserve a dinging for writing this recent editorial criticizing city officials for using private email addresses to do city business. By LL’s calculations, that editorial should have been written about four years ago—when Armao herself exchanged emails with Fenty on a private account. It’s also worth noting that Nickles, on occasion, used a private account, though not with Armao.

There are lots of other tidbits in there, but LL will leave those as surprises.


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Photo by Darrow Montgomery