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There’s no LL column in the print edition of Washington City Paper this week—but there’s plenty of local politics. Our Annotated Guide to 2011 is an encyclopedic compendium of everything Washingtonians talked about, argued about, and ranted about in the last 12 months. Which, in this year of fully loaded SUVs and FBI raids on city pols, means a lot of LL material.


-The Adams Morgan Bogeyman (Want to argue against some new D.C.development? Complain that your neighborhood will become “the next Adams Morgan.”

Jo-Ann Armao (Okay, the Postie editorialist couldn’t get her favorites over the top on election day. The other 364 days of 2011, she still had vast power.)

Sekou Biddle (Aw, c’mon: You’d have played 2011 the same disastrous way he did.)

Marshall Brown (In the demographically changed D.C. of 2011, old-school rhetoric can get you fired.)

Sulaimon Brown (Why he really, really didn’t matter to how 2011 played out.)

Chocolate City (Why the end of a majority population won’t really change D.C.’s cultural vibe.)

Circulators (They’re better than busses.)

D.C. Republican Party (Why it can’t take advantage of Democratic disarray.)

D.C. Statehood (Just because shameless pols embrace the issue doesn’t mean its not legit.)

Erasergate (In 2011, does anyone out there actually miss Michelle Rhee?)

Trey Gowdy (D.C.’s congressional overseer was newsworthy in 2011 for not making news.)

Income, High (D.C. has gotten an awful lot richer—and some enterprising tea partier will eventually make hay about it.)

Income, Low (D.C. still has lots of poor people—and in 2011, local pols knew not to ignore them.)

Ron Machen (LL says he’s the most powerful man in D.C. government in 2011.)

“One City” (How a cheesy campaign slogan became 2011’s municipal logo.)

Vince Orange (Why no one in city politics had a better 2011 than this guy.)

Saint Tommy Wells (What’s the real reason the Councilmartyr got councilmartyred?)

Vince Gray as Bizarro Adrian Fenty (The new boss: Not so different from the old boss?)

Walmart (In wooing the retailer, D.C. showed it’s not so liberal after all.)

PLUS: The wretchedness of artisanal ketchup, the celebrity of Wale, and the possibility that Ted Leonsis has feet of clay! Read the whole thing here.