The District’s lone (non-voting) representative in Congress is suing the city government over a fender bender.

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton—or more accurately, her insurance company Allstate—says the District needs to pony up $5,800 to cover the repairs to Norton’s 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid. The repairs were needed as a result of a collision at the intersection of North Carolina Avenue and 8th Street SE with a police cruiser last summer.

According to Norton’s lawsuit, which was filed late last month by Allstate on Norton’s behalf, the cop caused the accident by speeding through a red light in a negligent fashion. But according to a copy of the traffic crash report filed by the Metropolitan Police Department, it was Norton’s fault for not yielding to a police vehicle that had its lights and sirens on while responding to an emergency call.

Norton told the Post last year that she didn’t hear any sirens before the collision. “I certainly didn’t hear him come, or I would have stopped,” she told the paper. The police report cites a witness saying the police car had its lights and sirens on.

Hmm, sounds like a real whodunit. LL’s reached out to Norton for a comment and will update as needed.

Update: Norton’s spokesman Abe Rakov says this is all one big mistake. He says:

Congresswoman Norton learned from a press report today that her insurance company had filed a lawsuit against the city for $5,800 over a July traffic accident involving her vehicle. However, prior to filing the suit, the insurance company called to seek authorization and was advised not to sue. The Congresswoman believes that the suit must have been filed in error and has been assured that it will be withdrawn.

Read the lawsuit after the jump:

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Photo by Darrow Montgomery