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Good afternoon sweet readers! Note to dude who yelled “Flat Stanley” at LL as he was taking a picture of Flat Stanley in front of the White House: Why are you yelling at LL? News time:

Addicted to Little Oversight: Remember former Mayor Adrian Fenty‘s favorite anti-youth violence group, Peaceoholics? Of course you do. The group is back in the news in a big way with a Post investigation into how the the D.C. Department of Housing and Community Development forked over $4.6 million to the group to buy and renovate group homes for troubled youth. “Instead, the project became something of a spending free-for-all for developers and contractors who knew redevelopment money was out on the street and in the hands of a novice nonprofit with unchecked authority to spend it.” The story’s main antagonist is landlord Richard Hagler, who looks to have done quite well with the Peaceoholics money and didn’t respond to the Post‘s requests for comment. Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham and At-Large Councilmember Michael Brown appear to be in a contest to see who can take credit for uncovering the alleged wasteful spending. Both councilmembers have strongly suggested there’s been criminal activity involved, but LL is yet to see proof.

AFTER THE JUMP:  Incumbents Rule! Live Free or Die Trying! Lotto Fun…

School for Wannabe Pols: Nevermind all those scandals and low poll numbers. The incumbent councilmembers who are up to bat in April’s primary are looking pretty, the Post reports. This is interesting: “The controversies and frustration over the shortage of strong challengers have prompted a group of civic, community and business leaders to develop a program to groom a new generation of politicians. The DC Leadership Development Council, which will be headed by former city administrator Michael Rogers and is to launch in the spring, will school potential candidates in ethics, city history and leadership skills.”

Live Free Or Die Trying: What did taxpayers get in return for a $4,000 publicly funded field trip to New Hampshire for Mayor Vince Gray and some councilmembers? A whole lotta nothing, as a New Hampshire State Legislature committee voted 8-3 against supporting statehood for the District. “The committee’s no-nonsense chairman, Rep. Alfred Baldasaro, expressed reservations from the start about the constitutionality of D.C. statehood and the city’s crime rate. A Republican and a retired Marine, he said many of the committee’s inquiries into gun laws were passed along from his constituents, who also wanted to know why the New Hampshire legislature was considering the measure in the first place.”

Lotta Review: Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans sounds like he may support the repeal of online gambling. Jonetta Rose Barras says it’s the right thing to do. And Colby King says the lotto shows District government’s amorality.

In Other News:

  • Cabbies: you’re untouchable after midnight.
  • Violence at juvie jail sends 2 youths and a guard to hospital.
  • Teachers with good rankings spread pretty evenly around District.

Gray sked: Presser on $240 million budget surplus at 11 a.m.; 1:00 p.m. – 2:15 pm.: SnagFilms/Office of Motion Picture and Television Development “Washington’s Best Film” Contest Winners Announcement

Council sked: Epic taxi cab hearing at 11 a.m.; Gun hearing at 11 a.m.