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LL is working on this week’s column and only giving a half-listen to the current D.C. Council legislative session as it tackles the racially charged debate on whether the District ought to try and loosen gas magnate Joe Mamo‘s tight grip on the District’s gas business. But LL’s ears perked up when the normally restrained Councilmember Phil Mendelson unloaded on Councilmember Vincent Orange, who has been Mamo’s most outspoken supporter on the council.

Says Mendelson:  “I think the booster of Joe Mamo who is sitting on this dais is embarrassing to the council.”

A few minutes later, Orange responded that he’s nobody’s booster, but an advocate for all of the District’s citizens.

“I have never ever embarrassed this council,” says Orange. “I do my job, I do my job well.”

That’s probably true, since the bill that could have potentially limited Mamo’s gassy reign just died on a 6 to 6 vote.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery