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Good afternoon, sweet readers! LL can’t believe Courtney got a rose last night. What is Ben thinking?! News time:

Sulaimon B-Roll: Man, LL is hurting for fresh news today. NBC4’s Tom Sherwood uses the slow news day to recap the current extra curricular problems of Mayor Vince Gray (complete with b-roll of Sulaimon Brown) and Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown before asking whether those issues may hinder the District’s push for budget autonomy/voting rights/statehood. Also, Brown tells Sherwood “he has no knowledge of the status of the federal probe or whether a grand jury is reviewing any evidence.” (LL reported yesterday that a grand jury has, indeed, been empaneled in the Brown case and has started hearing testimony from witnesses.)

AFTER THE JUMP: Best Friends; Tweeter of the Day; Charter Up…

Best Friends: What do President Barack Obama and California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa have in common? They both support granting the District budget autonomy. Interestingly enough, Issa appears to care a great deal more.

Tweeter of the Day Award: WTOP’s Mark Segraves is tearing it up on Twitter this morning, as he stakes out the D.C. Council’s retreat at the convention center. “DC Council holding closed door meeting to discuss open government. … Council staff and security have now been called as @tomsherwood and this reporter try to enter meeting. … Marion Barry leaving meeting to go to bathroom tells @tomsherwood “I got to pee, you want to take a shot of that?” … Council Chair Brown and other CMs parked in bus zone by convention center. … @kwamebrowndc explains the cost to taxpayers is zero because convention center donates rooms and food. … @kwamebrowndc staff says cost to taxpayers is actually $1,500 not zero as Brown stated. … @kwamebrowndc came out of meeting to complain about tweets. Says the cost for convention center is zero, $1500 is for a meeting facilitator.”

In Other News:

  • Ted Loza isn’t the only example of the Feds having a difficulty making bribery charges stick.
  • Charter school enrollment up.
  • Housing director not giving up on Peaceoholics’ old property on Congress Street SE.

Gray sked: Media interviews all day, including 3 p.m. sit down with ESPN’s Dave McKenna.

Council sked: Council retreat day, including closed-door session on transparency.