LL’s been in column land all day and missed the skirmish between Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry and At-Large Councilmember David Catania at today’s D.C. Council’s retreat.

The Post already has a lengthy report on the fight, which was apparently sparked by discussions over the financial health of Ward 8’s United Medical Center, Catania’s cause célèbre. It’s late, and LL doesn’t have much more to add to what’s already been reported.

But LL does think it’s worth noting Catania is of the opinion that no one on the Council has the guts to stand up to Barry.

“I’m probably the only member of the council who isn’t afraid of him,” Catania told LL.

Catania says his colleagues suffer from a “blind deference” to Barry’s outsized legacy in District politics and “at some level” fear pissing him off. As such, says Catania, Barry gets a pass on shenanigans that wouldn’t fly with other councilmembers.

Told of what Catania said, Barry replied: “He’s being silly. That’s crazy. Nobody has to be afraid of me.”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery