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Good morning sweet readers! Don’t fail LL, large doses of vitamin C. Being sick blows. News time:

Won’t You Not Be My Valentine: The D.C. Council had its yearly retreat yesterday in an effort to come together and map out this year’s long term agenda. Instead, Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry and At-Large Councilmember David Catania stole the show by nearly getting into a fight. The Washington Examiner’s Alan Blinder was there for a front row seat: “Moments after the District’s chief financial officer concluded a presentation to legislators at a meeting room in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Barry tried to ask a question about United Medical Center, the troubled hospital the city took over in 2010. Catania immediately unloaded. ‘F you, Marion,’ Catania shouted before rising to his feet to continue the verbal brawl. Your agenda is so transparent.’ Catania went on to say Barry is ‘full of s—t’ and ‘a despicable human being.’ Barry’s responses were largely drowned out—and interrupted—by Catania’s verbal attacks as other lawmakers sought to quell the dispute. Ward 7 Councilwoman Yvette Alexander tried to intervene by pointing out that a Washington Examiner reporter was in the room. Barry and Catania ignored the other legislators, including Council Chairman Kwame Brown.” Per the Post: “Barry added he nearly came to blows with Catania, but restrained himself because he respects the council. ‘If I wasn’t on the council, there would be fisticuffs,’ Barry said.”

Band-Aid Solution: Lydia DePillis takes up where Jason Cherkis left off in covering the District’s problems with housing the homeless. “Since at least the beginning of January, the city says it has put up between 185 and 210 families per night in motels, at a rate of $100 per room. So renting rooms costs about $20,000 per night, and there’s about half again on top of that for food, transportation, and other associated costs. That adds up really fast: at least a million bucks since the beginning of the year out of the city’s homelessness budget.”

In Other News:

  • Councilmember Phil Mendelson, still not Tweeting.
  • Park Service didn’t know what to do with Occupy protestors, emails show.
  • Comparing this Einstein to The Wire is a stretch.
  • Metro admits what we’ve all known for two years.
  • Post editorial board gives Gray administration an attaboy for firing double-dipping bus drivers.
  • Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, still raising money.
  • Robberies continue in Northwest.

Gray sked: 12:20 p.m. – 12:50 pm.: Federal City Council Executive Committee Meeting.

Council sked: Aging and community affairs oversight at 11 a.m.; DC public library oversight at 2 p.m. Barry and Catania to fight outside at 4 p.m.