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A year and a day ago, Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown bowed to a tidal wave of public pressure and returned the fully loaded, tax-payer funded, nearly $2,000-a-month  Lincoln Navigator he was driving.

At that time, Brown promised to reimburse the District for his “share of the use of the vehicle” after Attorney General Irv Nathan renegotiated the contract with the company that leased the city the Navigator.  You may recall that Brown rejected a similar Navigator because of its color scheme; he never indicated he would reimburse the District for the costs associated with that vehicle.

Fast forward to today and the tale of Brown’s misadventures in Navigatorland is still unresolved. First, there’s the matter of Brown’s repayment, or lack thereof. A spokesman for the Office of the Chief Financial Officer says there’s no record of any Navigator-related payment from Brown.

LL reported in September that the District had already settled with the leasing company that provided the Navigator that Brown actually drove. (The cost to settle the broken lease? $12,450.23.) If Brown says he’s only going to pay for his use of the vehicle, then it shouldn’t be too hard to put a number to what he owes. (Monthly rate * time used = cost to Brown). LL has been waiting for comment from Brown’s spokeswoman and will update as necessary.

As for the first Navigator that Brown rejected and never drove, the city is apparently still at odds with that vehicle’s  leasing company over how much that mistake is going to cost. The District improperly prepaid the leasing company $17,600 for the vehicle back in 2010. After breaking the lease last year, the District determined that the leasing company owed the District $12,383. A spokesman for Nathan told LL today that “this issue still is in dispute with the leasing company.”

Thus concludes your semi-regular Navigatorgate update.

Photo by Alan Suderman’s iPhone