NBC4’s Tom Sherwood has the big scoop that U.S. Attorney’s Office is issuing “a flurry of new subpoenas” to D.C. politicians, even some who are out of office, for copies of documents related to Jeff Thompson. (Does LL even need to remind you that Thompson is a generous campaign contributor/owner of a $322 million-a-year Medicaid contract whose home and offices were raided by federal agents recently?)

The feds want all records dating back to 2003 “referring or relating to” to Thompson, his accounting firm, and his medicaid managed-care organization. They also want records related to Thompson’s business partners, including Jeanne Harris, whose home was also raided by the feds. The feds specifically asked for fundraising and campaign records, including “communications with or about any persons or entities that gave the maximum legal contribution” to campaigns.

A picture of the subpoena, obtained by LL from a D.C. Council source, is after the jump.