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It was nearly two years ago when Tim Day, then a Republican candidate for the Ward 5 council seat, got the ball rolling on an investigation into former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr.

Since Day first started raising questions about Thomas’ not-so-nonprofit, Thomas has plead guilty to stealing more than $350,000 in public money. He’s set for sentencing next week and is almost certainly going to be spending the next couple of years in prison.

But things haven’t been rosy for Day either. He says he’s been the frequent target of harassment and vandalism by Thomas supporters who are angry at him for helping to bring down their man. Day, who is running in the special election for Thomas’ vacant Ward 5 seat, says he’s been accosted by Thomas supporters, had his house egged (“I stopped counting at six times,” he says), and had his car keyed twice.

Day says someone also went to no small effort to rip off the Human Rights Campaign bumper sticker on his ride and wrote “fucking Republican” on his car in shoe polish.

The Washington Times reported on Day’s troubles this morning, noting that he’s a little frustrated with the police response to crimes committed against him. “Maybe the police should do their job and actually be seen,” he tells LL.

Day says he’s got no plans on backing down or dropping out of the race. In response to the theft of the yard signs in his front lawn, Day says he’s put up a giant sign (5 foot by 10 foot). “I hope that they try and steal” the sign, he says.