Below is a list of Mayor Vince Gray’s wishlist for how to spend the extra $63 million the city has to play with this fiscal year. Most of the money will go to shore up the D.C. Public Schools’ budget ($25 million) and to reimburse all the city employees who were forced to forgo four paid holidays last year ($22 million).

The reimbursement of public employees’ furlough days is a reminder that public sector unions put plenty of money and effort into Gray’s mayoral campaign. And Gray’s proposal to delay implementing a tax on out-of-state municipal bonds (at a cost of $1.1 million)  is yet another reminder of just how unpopular that tax is.

The list, per the fiscal impact statement:

  • Department of General Services: $4 million for overruns in “fixed costs and facilities maintenance.”
  • D.C. Public Schools: $25,190,843 for “to cover the $4.5 million in loss in congressional appropriations, $12 million for the foods services contract, $3.4 million for after school programs, and $5.3 million for non-instructional staff.”
  • Office of the Superintendent of Education: $550,000 “for expanding adult workforce training at Cardozo and Phelps.”
  • D.C. Public Libraries: $413,750 “for the funds necessary for the opening of the Rosedale Library.”
  • Department of Health Care Finance: $10 million to cover a increases in complex care and a disallowance of Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital spending on the D.C. Alliance program.
  • Delaying of implementing tax on out-of-state municipal bond tax: $1.1 million

The D.C. Council is set to take up the mayor’s supplemental budget proposal tomorrow.

Photo by U.S. government via Wikipedia