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Federal officials have just made public documents charging Thomas Gore, the assistant treasurer on Vince Gray‘s 2010 mayoral campaign, with breaking D.C. campaign finance laws, then destroying evidence to stymy the U.S. Attorney’s probe into the campaign.

Gore, who handled day-to-day finances of the campaign, allegedly made three contributions to another candidate, using money orders bought by the Gray campaign. The documents don’t say who the other candidate was, but the federal investigation of Gray’s campaign was originally started by Sulaimon Brown‘s allegations that he was paid to stay in the race and attack then-Mayor Adrian Fenty.

Prosecutors say Gore also destroyed a spiral notebook that had records of various contributions to the other campaign on March 6, 2011, which as the Washington Post‘s Tim Craig noted, was the day the Post reported that Brown said he was promised a job in exchange for help in the election (and had the text messages to prove it). Destroying the notebook would be a violation of laws against destruction of evidence in federal investigations, a more serious charge than the other three.

Gore was very senior in the Gray campaign. Earlier this year, one former aide told LL he basically ran the finances, even though he was listed as the assistant treasurer, not the treasurer: “Day to day, Thomas was the guy to go to.” He was also the campaign treasurer for Gray’s 2004 Ward 7 D.C. Council race and his 2006 election as council chairman.

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Photo by Darrow Montgomery