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Fully Unloaded [LL]

“Earlier in the day, a casually dressed Mr. Brown appeared to be in good spirits and told a reporter from The Washington Times in the hallway that he was ready for a normal workday.” [Times]

Mary Cheh feels betrayed [Post]

Vince Gray is “shocked” [Examiner]

Kwame’s weird look as elevator door closes [NBC4]

He’s a big fan of the Current, apparently, picking one up on his way out the door [AP photo]

Slide show of the shit show [CP]

Did Mark Fisher break into “Bullet Proof” and peruse Kwame’s library? [Post]

Mendo for chair, says Post [Post]

Mendo’s “record doesn’t justify another term,” says the Post, 2010 [Post]

“City leaders keep arguing for more autonomy, but it’s hard to get there when so many people keep getting indicted,” says Jason Chaffetz [Post]

Remember, the city’s still humming along [Post]

Control Board coming? [Washingtonian]

Jaffe blames Barry [WUSA9]

David Catania says Gray needs to start explaining or start resigning [Fox5]