Yes, LL knows, the expiration date on stories about disgraced former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr.‘s corruption is rapidly approaching. But LL can’t help it if the U.S. Attorney’s Office has finally given the D.C. Office of the Attorney General the green light to answer a year-old FOIA request for Thomas’ old bank records. And taxpayers certainly deserve as full accounting as possible of where their money—Thomas admitted to stealing $353,500 in city funds—went?

We already about the juicy stuff from court records: an Audi, a motorcycle, expensive golf vacations around the country. LL got ahold of some of Thomas’ bank records last year, which showed more details of how he spent his ill-gotten funds. Those records show purchases at a perfume store, a meal at Hooters, yet more golf among other purchases. Those records were for Team Thomas, the non-profit Thomas ran that received some of the city funds Thomas stole. (He’s due to report to federal prison any day now, by the way, after admitting to stealing the money.)

The other set of bank records that show where Thomas spent the money belongs to his for-profit company called HLT Development. Those records, posted below, show more of the same: golf, phone bills, and restaurants— including another meal at Hooters.

Some examples:

  • $2,245 for homeowner association fees
  • $107.91 at Red Lobster in Charlotsville, Va.
  • $86.58 at an Outback Steakhouse in Hyattsville, Md.
  • $78.77 at Hooters, location unknown
  • $84.60 at Treasure Trove jewelery store
  • $127.71 at Phillips Seafood restaurant in SW
  • $98.36 at P.F. Chang’s in Myrtle Beach, S.C.
  • $52.00 at Mount Atlanticus mini-golf in Myrtle Beach
  • $686.75 spent at Macy’s in Arlington, the day after Christmas
  • $79.88 at Shingle Creek Golf Course in Orlando, Fla.

There’s also a $400 check to campaign consultant (and former Gray administration worker) to Andi Pringle. Pringle says the money for her campaign consulting services prior to launching Thomas’ 2010 re-election bid. LL is pretty sure that money should have been paid out of Thomas’ campaign funds, but that’s probably a moot point.

Here are the records. Keep in mind that Thomas didn’t get his first kickback in city funds until mid-July, 2007, according to court records.

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Photo by Darrow Montgomery