Union heads, colleagues, his legal team and supporters turn out to say goodbye to Harry Thomas Jr., who says he was “humbled” by his prosecution [Post]

Other prisoners may think Thomas is “soft” [Examiner]

Serial complainer Jim Graham takes his claims of character assassination to the Post ombudsman and may have compared Post opinion writers to Hitler [Post]

VO’s prediction comes true, Jonetta Rose Barras not happy with Michael Brown pro tem pick [Examiner]

Neither is Colby King, who compares councilmembers and their “lust” for free sporting tickets to pigeons [Post]

Did Brown pull a fast one on his colleagues? [Post]

Mary Cheh on Brown selection: “you have to play the cards you’re dealt.” [WAMU]

No Jeff Thompson money this campaign [Examiner]

Vince Gray makes it official with Nat Gandhi [Post]

Unbribeable Leon Swain making a run at at-large seat [Post]

You can tell a lot about a publication by which gadfly they choose to overexpose [Post]

Frederick Douglass statue to the Capitol [Post]

Free shuttle to Ward 8 farmer’s market [Post]

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