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The Washington Times’ Deborah Simmons gets the exclusive goodbye interview with disgraced former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr., who Simmons says will be on a noontime flight today en route to his final destination at a federal prison in Alabama.

Thomas pleaded guilty earlier this year to stealing more than $350,000 in city funds. He’s been sentenced to spend 38 months in prison.

Some interview highlights:

  • Your grass doesn’t care if you’re headed to prison. “The former lawmaker said he spent the last few days of freedom ‘getting things in order for his family.’  ‘I roasted marshmallows with my daughters,’ he said. ‘Dealt with the lawn. Those things I’d always dealt with.'”
  • Thomas enjoys candy early in the morning: “Thomas … flashed an unsustainable smile before popping a few Hot Tamales candies into his mouth. … Thomas said as he again ate some candy and a notice of regret revealed itself.”
  • It’s never too early to job hunt: “As a lawmaker, he supported substantial residential and commercial development of the Fort Lincoln neighborhood and for Costco to open its first D.C. store. Mention of the good he has done quickly flipped his solemn reflections into a small measure of optimism. ‘It’ll be open by the time I get home,’ he said, ‘when I’ll be looking for a job.'”

The full article, here.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery