LL’s soon-to-be-ex-boss is cleaning out his office and found a dead tree edition of a 2002 City Paper article on then-Mayor Anthony Williams‘ use of a Lincoln Navigator, the same pricey SUV that will forever be a part of a certain former politician’s public biography and D.C. political lore.

The article says that Williams’ SUV cost $8,771 a year, which breaks down to $731 a month. Compare that to the $1,941 a month the city paid for Mayor Vince Gray’s Navigator during his first year in office. That’s a 265 percent increase in 10 years. (This online inflation calculator says $731 in 2002 has the equivalent buying power of $933.82 today.)  Though to be fair, Gray’s Navigator lease drops to $782 a month during the second year, so maybe the mayor is getting a deal compared to Williams.

From the article:

Williams professes sensitivity to the environmental issues that SUVs pose but says it’s his mayoral duty to have the behemoth in his entourage. After all, he says, sometimes it snows around here.

“The reason why I carry an SUV,” the mayor says, “is so that I can be available at any time, any hour, to go to an event in any kind of conditions. And I think people expect that of me as mayor.”

Read the whole thing here.