Been wondering what former D.C. Council Chairman Kwame “Fully Loaded” Brown has been up to since he resigned and pleaded guilty to bank fraud? Well, wonder no more.

Brown will be giving a lecture next Wednesday on the District’s Certified Business Enterprise program (which is supposed to direct city contracting to local businesses and help them grow, but has had its fair share of problems.)

The shindig will be held at the lawfirm of Warner Session, and is part of a lecture series being organized by the Washington Development Industry Council, a pro-CBE advocacy group. The group says it is a nonprofit, but LL couldn’t find any of its tax records. The phone number listed on its website does not work.

Brown’s listed phone number isn’t working either, so LL’s not sure what to make of this lecture. Is Brown, who has a very good chance of not having to serve any prison time for the bank fraud, plotting a political comeback? Who knows—but note the present tense in the invitation to Brown’s lecture:

“As a native of Washington, former Chairman Brown has long been an active proponent of making sure that government remains open, transparent and responsive to the needs of residents. He has been a longtime friend of CBEs, and continues to respond to the needs of the community by focusing on improving the City’s efforts to stimulate the economy.

The full invite, after the jump:

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