Go-go impresario, political consultant, T-shirt maker, anti-youth violence advocate and Republican Ward 7 Council candidate Ron Moten has a new book coming out. In Drinking Muddy Water: The Evolution of a Civil Rights Republican, Moten promises to “name names” about local political corruption and ruminate on the Democratic Party’s relationship with African-Americans.

From Moten’s news release:

Meet the National Democratic Party and the black “Pimpocracy” led by the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who do all they can to maintain the “class ceiling” so that they can live the high life off the backs of the dependent class. Meet the smiling white liberal do-gooders condescending to help “the poor little black folk.” Find out why the author claims that Bill Clinton, which only blacks with no sense of self-respect for our people call the first black president, did more damage to the black community than any other modern president with legislation like “three strikes and you’re out.”

Vincent Gray, political coward that his is, declared his hatred from freedom, opportunity and individual responsibility by tweeting that people were buying “hate chicken” at Chick-fil-A giving the impression that he cares about gay rights.

Moten says the book will be released either at the end of this month or the beginning of next month. The book will be about 240 pages, Moten says, and will be available in both dead-tree form and as an e-book.

Photo courtesy of Moten