Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans met with former Mayor Adrian Fenty this afternoon to chat about whom the former mayor might support in any upcoming elections, according to a person familiar with the planned get-together.

Evans confirmed that he and Fenty met, but declined to discuss the details of their conversation, saying the two had a “good general discussion” about the state of affairs in District government.

Evans has said he’s running the next time there’s a mayoral contest. He endorsed Fenty last time around and probably would like Fenty to return the favor, or at least say out of the race altogether.

A more natural fit for Fenty, who has stayed the hell away from local politics since leaving office, might be endorsing his hand-picked successor for the Ward 4 council seat, Muriel Bowser, who is also said to be considering a mayoral run.  Bowser was Fenty’s most reliable ally on the council when he was mayor and enjoys the support of many of Fenty’s former backers.