The lawyer for Councilmember Michael Brown‘s former campaign treasurer says on his Facebook page that the at-large councilmember is a miser, may be a thief, and has a “morally depraved composition.”

“I never was much into D.C. politics, but I do know a Rat when I smell one,” writes J. Wyndal Gordon, the self-proclaimed “warrior lawyer” who is representing Hakim Sutton. Brown fired Sutton as his campaign treasurer in June after announcing that a “significant” amount of campaign funds were missing.

A spokesman for the Brown campaign declined to comment on Gordon’s post.

But the social media throwdown comes a day after Brown held a news conference to explain why newly filed campaign finance records reflect that more than $114,000 in campaign money went to Sutton in the form of  “unexplained” expenses. Brown didn’t mention Sutton by name, but said a person whom he’d worked with for several years and had “extreme confidence in” had taken advantage of him.

“I feel profoundly betrayed and we were extremely hurt by what occurred,” Brown said, adding that he was confident that the “target” of an ongoing law enforcement investigation would be prosecuted. Police raided Sutton’s home in June, but he’s not been charged with any crime, and the investigation is still ongoing.

One of the more incendiary comments from Gordon (and there are plenty) is the suggestion that Brown was the one misspending campaign dollars. “I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the so-called ‘stolen money’ was converted to cash and used to line his own pockets or support his ‘extra-curricular’ activities,” Gordon writes.

In a phone interview, Gordon says he has documents and other proof to back up all of the allegations made in his statement. He declined, though, to provide any of that documentation to LL.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery