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Today, all 12 members of the D.C. Council signaled their support for a voter referendum that would amend the Home Rule Charter and give the District control of its budget without having to get approval from Congress.

The city’s attorney general says the effort probably isn’t legal, but hey, why the hell not try? Even with high-profile Republican support, Congress has been unable to grant the District budget autonomy without some some socially conservative poison pill killing the effort.

So what does Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, who has not been shy about telling Congress to “go straight to hell” in the past, think of the council’s cheeky initiative? Not much:

After being informed of the proposed Charter amendment and investigating it, we briefed the Mayor and Council Chairman on the legal and institutional issues and risks of a referendum that would allow the city to give itself budget autonomy.  In light of these issues and increasing Republican and Democratic support for budget autonomy, we will continue to work with our allies in the House and Senate to pass a budget autonomy bill.

In other words: stay off my turf.

Photo by Darrow Montogmery